Runeris Sports Club







Title:  Runeris Sports Club corporate identity

Client: C.D. Runeris

Description: Logo design, club’s stamp, club’s stationary, sponsorship dossier leaflet and digital sponsorship dossier.

Briefing: C. D. Runeris is new, young social opened sports club based in Málaga. Runeris was founded looking for creating social sports events in Málaga (Spain South Coast). The members of this club should not be professionals, just ordinary people who want to overcome their own frontiers and share the experience with other “runeris”. There is no limits related to age or physical condition to become a member of this club.

Logo design: Three figures running altogether in the same direction enjoying the process of running as a team, not looking to the finish line. Each one of the runners has its own shape, different from others as three archetypes of the humans body and also:

  • Practising sports is taking care about our health, it keeps our heart healthy.
    Therefore HEART
  • There is a set phrase in Spanish which claims: “Sano como una manzana” (“Healthy as an apple” similar to “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”)
    Therefore APPLE
  • Local people from Málaga use to say “perita” (pear) when they mean something is  just perfect.
    Therefore PEAR

Graphic Design/ Layout: Elena Bandos

Featuring: “Cinta”


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